“Honestly, after coming across Hannah's website, I found everything she shared really resonated with me. I was stuck in the same routines of boring sex life, wondering what I needed to do to get out of it. Hannah was so friendly and supportive, giving me the words I needed to hear to take my sex life to the next level”

Jay - 31 years ~ Financier

"I love to sail forbidden seas and land on barbarous coasts"

Herman Melville

"You swing your best when you’re not tired up to societal judgment on the definition of the lifestyle, Hannah can tell you all about it"

Sean ~ Forbes Africa Under 30

I am Hannah, your open minded friend. Let’s talk about life

When I started Hannah Loves Travel in 2021, a travel brand for kinky trips to South Africa, I was repeatedly asked by many (men, women and couples) how to approach a more playful way of living, especially sexually.

When talking to people I unfortunately found many of them still being confined to a lifestyle that feels safe and appropriate according to society. But deep down there is this desire and the need to explore. To explore sexually, even in or outside a relationship. Many just don’t know how to start or who to speak to.

In my life I mostly had long term conservative and monogamous relationships where, after a while, I always lost appetite or interest. 

I had difficulties separating ultimate passion and desire from the safety, comfort and emotional intimacy of that partner and relationship. Was I being too close to this partner? Did daily life, living together or even motherhood kill the fire I so desperately needed for a passionate and hot session in bed?

It has been something I am trying to figure out, by reading, blogging, meeting lots of new people and studying research.

I have become increasingly passionate about this topic, most of all because it might give me answers to what life is all about. And although I might never find all the answers, the search for it makes me feel alive!

I am looking forward to sharing my exciting life experiences here with you

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