A rather interesting date with Liza, another naughty club in town

While I am normally quite swift with my words and know what to write, I needed at least a 10 km walk on Table Mountain this morning to overthink this blog. And then another stroll on Lion’s Head to really get my typing going. Because last night left me wondering; will I go back or was this a once off adventure?

I visited Liza’s Lounge this weekend, mostly to inspire you, my followers, but also to have a bit of fun myself 😊. If you are interested in this place in one of Cape Town’s suburbs, please continue reading.

Easy ride

Call an Uber, taxi or take your own vehicle, but the 25-minute drive from town is comfortable and easy, especially when still sober. You can reach Liza’s Lounge in Tableview right when the party starts.

The Lounge’s Saturday and Friday Evening Parties start at 8:00 PM while there is also an option to lounge on Friday afternoons. Admission costs R 350 for a couple and R 400 for a single gent. In dollars that is just as much as a Big Mac and a coke.

I was able to convince a dear friend to accompany me and we were both stoked about the idea of visiting a new and naughty spot!

Welcome to the lounge

Upon entering the lounge my dear companion and I were checked for any personal irregularities by showing our ID’s, but were given the green light after promising we would surely adhere to all the rules.

Then the door to this exciting world opened and we couldn’t help but check out the other visitors, straighten our backs and smile at the people looking at us. The bar was definitely the way to go to first!

We were wholeheartedly welcomed by the one toothed bar tender who was asking us to hand over our car key in an attempt to stop one from fleeing the scene naked and without paying. My friend and I decided to order something strong to calm our nerves while we cautiously looked around, trying to find a spot to crash or new friends to make.

Ready to play

After a few drinks and smokes my friend and I were brave enough to approach a rather interesting looking threesome that was ready to go out and play. The options are almost endless at Liza’s Lounge; play in one of the rooms that can be locked, the jacuzzi upstairs, the voyeur rooms on that same floor or the mirrored room with the red lights.

Keys to lockers are provided if you feel the need to undress and towels will be handed out at the bar if you are up for a naughty stroll to the second floor.

While my friend dived into this threesome head first, I took a bit of time to wander around to get a good sense of the lounge.

Because to be honest; I did feel lost at times, not knowing where to head to. Should I get naked or keep my work attire on? Which room would suit best and is the music good enough to make a move towards the dance pole? And all this while trying to stay professional thinking off this write up 😊

Happy Ending?

To sum up this rather interesting adventure; yes, I did enjoy myself, my friend even more so. But I can’t help but conclude that the club was not really my vibe. Perhaps because of the rather vintage furniture, the unfamous B-dance music in the background and the somewhat persistent voyeurs of the male gender. It might have been just a one-night stand for that reason: me and Liza.

But with a couple of drinks and likeminded naughty friends you could have an interesting and kinky night though. Happy to advise you on accommodation and transport if you would be up for this kind of fun!