A ready-made plan for your party week in Cape Town

Hey, you came to party! So let’s party… a whole week long if you want to! I made it easy for you and have planned your week ahead… so you don’t really have to think, or plan, or book, or do, or think anything…. just saying 😊


All right, fair enough, let’s not start on Monday. Most clubs will be closed and the Cape Tonians seem to use Monday as a day to recover. But if you are up for it, we should just start easy… very easy with going to one of the most amazing strip clubs in town; Mavericks. More on this club soon!

Tuesday – Asoka Restaurant and club

Asoka (USD 60 pp for eats and loads of alcohol) on Kloof Street is definitely my favourite place! When you walk in you already feel like your night will be great. It is dark, sensual and all the waiters are bold and cool. Plus, it seems like being tattooed was a reason for hiring. I always feel like I want to take one of those waiters home and just continue the night… All right, let’s not get carried away, focus Hannah!

The food is a fusion of Asian tapas and truly delicious. Choose your favourite cocktail from the extensive drinks list and the fairy lights will start to fly. The stunning Olive tree right at the back of the club is the real eye catcher. It almost feels like the club was build around it… through the glass ceiling you can look at the African sky while you poor yourself another glass. Enjoy this stunning club, look up at the sky and see the Milky way of African elephants enfold.

So why are we going here on a Tuesday? Because of their famous Jazz night! The life music, accompanied by the DJ makes you want to stay in this club forever.

Wednesday  Tigers Milk on Kloof

Now that you know your way around on Kloof Street, we might as well hang out here again. Let’s do Tiger’s Milk on Wednesday. I love their sweet potato fries; their vegan burger and I love love love the fact you can get yourself an Arab Smoking pipe. To share, with your friends, obviously! Bring as many of those friends as possible, because the lounge corners are big. But for a bit more intimacy you can choose one of the higher tables and bar seats.

This is still a place where you can chat with your friends (or me!) uninterrupted by loud music or any other noise or distractions. There is some soft deep house music in the background and for the sports lover you can watch your favorite athletes on the big screen in the garden. In all, a great place to socialize and take in the real Cape Town vibe! And pricewise you can really go overboard for USD 30 pp already!

Thursday – La Parada

La Parada (USD 40 pp) is the place to be on First Thursdays! First what…? Yes, I will talk about this Cape Town phenomenon in another blog. This amazing Spanish tapas bar is always vibey, attracts people from all ages and has amazing food on offer. The food style is obviously tapas, and if you want to start your night off with some proper food in your stomach than you must definitely order yourself at least 4 or 5 tapas. But that will for sure be sufficient to handle a few bottles of wine afterwards.

Just to clear things up, there are more La Parada’s in Cape Town. My favourite one is the one on Bree Street, also the centre of attention during First Thursdays when DJ Rene really gets you going. But the one on Constantia Nek, right at the roundabout between Constantia and Hout Bay, is also very vibey and the music really gets you in the mood on Sunday Afternoons. Please don’t forget to book in advance on any of those special occasions.

Friday – Athletic Social Club

The upmarket Athletic Social Club (USD 70 pp), right on the Buitengracht in the City Bowl, has everything to make sure you will have a great night out. I was so taken by the Cigar Lounge downstairs that I decided to throw my Birthday party there a few months ago.

The food is delicious, with a choice of finger food (spanakopita, breads, spreads) to mains like Grilled Linefish and Tahini Cauliflower for vegans. The drink list includes top range local wines, as well as shots, cocktails and bubbly!

I love their Friday nights! When the music starts at 9pm you can’t sit still. There are two spots where you can dance; downstairs in the Cigar Lounge, where the DJ will still make use of an old record player and then on the second floor there is a cosy dance room with some air to breath, or cigarette to smoke, as the dance floor leads to the stunning Art Deco balcony.

Saturday – Epicure Club

Please read up on this sexy club in my blog about Epicure Club. The famous swingers nights are held on Saturday. So we should head to the Adult Store this afternoon, get you some proper sex toys and head to Hout Bay for an exciting night!

Oops… was this too much to ask maybe… could be 😊 If swinging is not really your thing let’s just stay in Hout Bay and visit Deus Café for a relaxed vibe with beautiful people and great music!

Sunday – Life Day Spa

All right, I am going to be very honest here! I am not in my twenties anymore (also not in my thirties) and I don’t think I can take another day of partying. Why don’t we just relax for a bit?

The best place to relax in town is for sure the Life Day Spa at the Waterfront. Three beautiful ladies greet you at the reception desk and you can then choose from a wide range of beauty treatments. Even waiting in the gorgeous waiting area is already relaxing enough, but of course we came here with a plan. A plan to relax and get us revitalized (and our liver cleaned).

In this huge complex you will find an indoor heated pool, a steam room and even a pool with high salt levels to make you float. A perfect place to end this crazy week and continue on!