How my wallet also enjoyed my Erotic Night out

It’s a hard life… checking out Night clubs, dancing with tight heels on and drinking lots of alcohol to get in the mood. I mostly regret it in the morning, but I seem to recover quicker and quicker nowadays 😊

I wanted to check out Lush for some time now. This Adult Club can be found in the northern Suburbs of Cape Town, it’s an easy 25-minute drive, coming from Cape Town city centre. An Uber from town will probably cost you around USD 10 per one way. Lush only recently opened, but their content on Facebook is very inviting, so I decided to check the place out.

Geared with two fun friends who don’t mind looking at naked boobs I entered the club last Saturday and I was surprised by the quality of the sound system and the look and feel of the venue. When you walk up the stairs and see the pink lights and some stunning girls around the pole, you know you will have a great night.

But let’s not forget the subject of the title of this blog; my wallet! It was pleasantly surprised by the entrance fee, especially for ladies, because my wallet didn’t have to be opened up at the entrance at all. For men the entrance is USD 18, still very decent for a club that offers some proper adult entertainment.

My friends and I crashed on the white chairs that were positioned just in front of the stage and our waitress was already writing down our orders. We got in the mood very easily; first of all, because of the music and drinks, but second of all because the dancers approached us and welcomed us to the club in person. I felt slightly overdressed with this naked girl next to me, but luckily, she was – besides being sexy – also enjoyable to talk to.


While the evening progressed, so did the alcohol level in my blood and before I knew it, I was on stage with my boob-lover friends and we were dancing our socks of. The Lush team cordially invited us to come up there and while I couldn’t convince one of the other guests to thank me for my performance with some local cash, I still enjoyed the view from the stage on to the partying crowd.

If you want to get naughty in this club you can invite one of the girls to strip right in front of you or you go with them in one of the naughty boots, up the stairs in the VIP area. Prices will be negotiated with the girl on the spot.


All in all, I enjoyed the music, which was a trip down memory lane. The beats of Technotronic’s Pump up the Jam and some of my high school favorite Dutch DJ’s always keep me going. I enjoyed the performances of the girls who were genuine and who were really having a good time themselves. And add to that the quick and efficient service from the bar staff. There is definitely room for improvement, the stage was empty at times. But hopefully when COVID is out of this world, this club can be in full swing and reach its full potential.

My wallet thanked me in person when I got back home, because I only spent USD 20 on drinks; five G&T’s to be precise. Where in the world can you get naughty (and drunk) for that little money? So yes, Cape Town is ready for some more adult fun lovers and of course, as always, I am happy to host you here!