Hello gorgeous.

I am Hannah, your open minded friend.

Let’s talk about life!

Research shows there has been a huge increase in the interest in ethical non monogamy over the last five years. Ethical non monogamy could mean open relationships, polyamory or swinging. Can we have long term and monogamous relationships that can deliver safety and peace, but can also be wild and passionate? I do believe there are couples out there who can wing it, and I have been so fortunate to meet them and be in their company. But if not; why give up your hunger for desire and playfulness when we live in a world that can give us everything we want!

If you want to know more about ethical non monogamy or other open minded lifestyles, I am happy to tell you all about my journey. Or if you just feel like talking about your life, love, your relationship(s) or desires with me, an open minded girl, I am also here for you!