My favorite people around me

It’s not easy… living far far away from your family, but I have obviously put myself in this situation (and with no regrets whatsoever), so friends are important. Good friends, beautiful friends and most of all friends I can rely on.

I would love to introduce them to you, they all contribute in their unique way to the great vibe of this stunning country.

Jason – for dancing in the Townships

If you meet Jason you think he is on at least ten cans of energy drink… he is just a whirlwind of positivity and happiness. Jason has lived in the Cape Town townships for years and really knows his way around. These townships were created during apartheid era to divide the different races in Cape Town. Jason has created an amazing tour where you will be taken by him and a few township entrepreneurs through Langa Township, the oldest in Cape Town. They will explain the different upliftment projects and one of the entrepreneurs will show you his dance classes. And guess what? You are cordially invited to join in. Makes for a pretty cool day if you ask me!

Marc – Mister Cape Town himself

Marc is a dear friend who knows everything, everyone and everything in Cape Town. Having lived here for many years and owner of he can’t help but always be the one who knows first. It is hard to beat his knowledge, so that’s why I have him on speed dial for any urgent queries on parties, food and drinks!

Justine – the most beautiful French girl in Cape Town

This girl must be fed up with me by now. I ask her to go partying, to have drinks, to go on trips… I am sure she has had enough of me! But I can’t help it; Justine is just easy going and fun to be around. But most importantly she really knows a lot about this side of the world, especially about Zimbabwe and Botswana. Her French language skills are also pretty good, in case you wanted to bring your French aunt with you!

Juanita – best hands in the country

This is my best kept secret I am now giving away… Juanita! This girl has two beautiful hands and really knows how to work them. For a sensual massage or any other kind of bodywork. She lives close to me in Cape Town so I am happy to give you her number 😊

Nicola – the Expert for breath-taking villa’s

I met Nicola on a yoga course a few years ago. I really had some difficulties with the Downward Facing Dog position, so decided to cling on to Nicola instead. While Nicola is the go-to-girl for booking stunning holiday villa’s in the Llandundo area she is also a dedicated fan of Burlesque dancing. Sounds like a good combination to me!

Lindy – for an off the beaten path safari

I have known Lindy from when I used to live in The Netherlands. She is a dear friend of a dear friend… how awesome she moved to South Africa as well. We don’t see each other too often as she lives all the way up in Limpopo province, but a proper girl’s night in Cape Town is definitely on the agenda!

Go and visit the stunning Mapesu Game Reserve, close to the Botswana border and say hi to Lindy for me!