My Happiest and Hottest Tubs in South Africa

Inspired by my friends who build hot tubs themselves (yes, you are now supposed to click on their website), I decided to write about some more options to submerge your naked body in.


With their all-self-made canvas tents and their woodfired hot tubs the Africamps locations are always a huge success for a weekend getaway, a whole week of fun or even just for a one-night stopover. There are plenty camps to choose from, located throughout the country and my absolute favorite camp is the one in Hoedspruit, where you are close to the Kruger National Park. Here your hot tub is waiting patiently for your skinny dipping right next to your tent, partnering up with a stunning lounge area and braai.

Prices are very fair and the tents are big enough to invite your whole family. Warning; maybe rather not invite your family 😊

Pondoro Game Lodge

With the possibility of a real African Elephant taking a sip from your tub, a stay in the bush is the ultimate, always! Pondoro Game Lodge is one of my favorite spots in the Greater Kruger Park. If you feel like leaving your tub, which might be difficult at first, you can go on a morning and afternoon safari to spot real animals.

In between those two drives you can strip down and get your naked butt in the warm water, thinking of the amazing effect Africa has on you!

If the Kruger is too far away for a simple moment of pleasure, closer to Johannesburg you will find a hot jacuzzi at Entabeni Game Reserve’s Kingfisher Lodge.

Your own Private Villa

If you want the privacy of a hot tub just outside your huge bedroom or even dream about throwing a small and intimate jacuzzi party, look no further than this stunning property in Llandudno. With a naughty beach around the corner Llandudno is the place to stay at!

The hot tub is all the way up on the top balcony, so only birds can see your Adam & Eve costume. If you want to invite some friends over, there is plenty on offer in this 8-bedroom Mansion!

A few more stunning hot tub destinations around Cape Town are Kol Kol Mountain Lodge and Solace Cabins. Happy to host you there! 😊