Thank you Johannesburg! Another multiple body situation I really enjoyed!

It is maybe the prettiness of Cape Town standing in the way of offering more adult clubs, because who wants to party if you can climb a mountain or surf in the ocean? Luckily we have got Johannesburg that offers more choice when it comes to this open minded lifestyle and I was happy to visit one of the naughty places again.

Hands and mouths going everywhere

I always love getting myself in a multiple body situation. Hands going everywhere, mouths that follow, legs colliding. And a massive club with different playrooms, swimming pool and a Jacuzzi sounds like great fun to me. Where can I sign?

For weeks I have been excited for the PFC party at Nexxxus Resort, a party for a select group of swingers, hosted by this resort in Midrand. Meeting new people and (a great excuse for) buying a new dress and lingerie is something everyone should enjoy. Even though clothes are fairly overrated in this lifestyle, I always try to make an intended effort to look my best.

The Harem Experience

The club, although a convention centre before, seems very appropriate for its purpose. There is a huge outdoor swimming pool, a dancefloor, bar, couches to chill on and the very special “harem” room. I can for sure say this was a first for me, seeing this “harem” room, where you could picture a medieval king in between many women, being pleasured during his Sunday morning break from ruling his impressive kingdom. Multiple red velvet mattresses, red lights and black curtains for the ones that prefer a bit more privacy when playing. Add a bed stand to that with some free condoms and off you go.

Break the ice

For some reason adult parties always need a bit of an icebreaker. That one crazy dude getting on stage dropping his pants or a game of cards with questions that seem inappropriate while still being sober, are both great ways to get the party started. At this PFC party a sort of musical chairs with human bodies had to do the job.

And yes, now that we have gotten to know each other after this game, we all felt a bit more relaxed. People were now ready to mingle with their drinks, smokes and whatnot, waiting in anticipation for what the night was going to bring. And of course, what happens in Midrand stays in Midrand, but I can guarantee you, that all the facilities were taken advantage off.

For me the “harem” room was the most impressive feature of the club. What makes this huge room so exciting is that, while you are getting comfortable in your own little curtained nook, you can hear other people play. Whips hitting human flesh, arousing screams from possible climaxes and your occasional “Oh My God, Yes”. And not to forget the fun and laughter after playing, when you hear people get back to their normal lives and happily evaluate the roughness of the session and sizes of the male tool.

Unfortunately for most of us, the night ended a bit early, because of a hard felt power cut, but I can honestly tell you that this was again a great experience. I would love to come back one day and again “harem” myself to a climax.