The Best Places to Get Naked in South Africa

After wearing a mask for over a year don’t we all feel the need to breathe, let our lungs enjoy some fresh air again and let the sun kiss our damaged lips? 😊

So why not go all the way out and take a bit more pieces of clothing away. I was happy to investigate and try some out for myself. If you feel the exact same need for fresh air please continue reading and find the best spots to get naked in South Africa.

On a mountain top

Thank God I have the mountain in my backyard, so it is always easy to walk up there, find a quiet spot and just let go of some of my restricting attire. Great thing that comes with climbing the mountain is the amazing view on Cape Town City below. You can thank me later!

In your private safari plunge pool

I was lucky enough to visit some of the most stunning safari lodges in the country and I can tell you that most of the rooms are, first of all, very spacious, second of all very big, but most importantly very private.

All this taken in to account means that you can actually enjoy nature at its fullest. Oh, and your room of course 😊

Most rooms come with huge bath tubs, four poster beds and private plunge pools, so there is plenty of options to practice your nudity in. That is if you don’t mind the possibility of a naughty monkey or curious impala to have a sneak peek at you.

In the far away bush

SunEden Naturist Resort got my attention when I stumbled upon their Twitter account a while back. They seem to have an open mind when it comes to exploring nature and discovering the African Bush, because you can do that fully naked! Just don’t forget to put a hat on while on safari.

This nudist resort is bordering a Big 5 Game reserve and is easy to reach from Johannesburg. Game spotting is so much better with the naked eye!

On the Beach

“Oh Sandy”, was John Travolta singing while looking up at the starry sky. Well we have a Sandy too… Sandy Bay to be exact. She has beautiful blue water and white sandy beaches and you are invited to lay your naked body on her.

She can be found close to Hout Bay, about a 20 minutes’ drive from Cape Town. It is not easy to find her, as she can only be reached by walking a rocky path. But she will reward you with her natural beauty and perhaps some likeminded friends.

At a Nudist Resort

We are a few weeks away from the opening of the first nudist beach resort in the province KwaZulu Natal, located on the South African East coast. Fly to Durban International Airport, let me rent you a car and then it is just another two hours’ drive before you get to Paradise.

With some amazing facilities like a Jacuzzi, swimming pool and bar, you will have the best naked time of your life!