The Elite Party – the new Swinging Kid in town

A couple of weeks back a dear friend pointed out the Elite Party to me; a new Swinging event in Cape Town. Yes, you hear it right, a new Swinging event in Cape Town! This new event was way overdue in my opinion, because Cape Town needs many more of these liberating and uninhibited get-togethers. But it is finally here and this curious lady is on her way to check it out!

This third Elite event of the year is “Las Vegas” themed. Yee Haw! The organizers of the Elite Parties are a group of likeminded friends with a very heroic goal; to copy the European parties and bring them to African soil. Let’s see if we Capetonians can handle their overseas experience and can live up to that level of open mindedness!  

Big smiles

Upon arrival at the Castle Night Club in Castle Street downtown, I was met with great grandeur. A carnivalesque dressed lady friendly embraced my appearance at the club. A warm welcome in wintery Cape Town with a big smile and beautiful boobs is always a win. And thank God for the coatroom to leave my rather puffy winter jacket behind. Hair and makeup touched up and off I went.

A cute little dancefloor appeared in front of me with a well sized bar next to it. Drinks were priced fairly, which always contributes to the success of one’s evening. The club was divided in multiple sections, with staircases leading up to them. Small leather couched booths were awaiting you and if you had a bit more guts (or just a lot more drinks in your system), you could try the naughty side where a big matress took centre stage, awaiting anyone’s potential horny escapades. Some private booths and even a Glory Hole were also on display.

And wow, the amount of people that drifted in to the club was astonishing. When you know you can’t go up to every single person and shake hands (or shake any other body part for that reason) you know the crowd is big. So hats off to the organizers for that. I would say that the crowd was an interesting mixture of first-timers, OnlyFans stars, Swinging Veterans and then the rest of eclectic Cape Town. While the dress code was Las Vegas, many took the opportunity to dress up in whatever they thought could get them some hot attention.


What happened in Vegas…

A definite ice breaker and indication of a naughty party was the beautiful naked lady dancing above the bar in a cage. It had many men drawn to the bar, without even wanting to order drinks. I think the DJ might have been distracted by her as well because he accidentally put on “Cotton Eye Joe” and “YMCA”. But the cage dancer as well as the crowd were very forgiving and marched on.

After the announcement for best dressed partygoer, everyone was finally relieved to take off their well put together costume, to add some naked skin to the dancefloor. Exhibitionism and liberation at its best! We all need a party like this on our bucket list.

They say what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas, so here is where my writing ends and where my hangover starts. Go check out the next party for yourself if you want to have a kinky night out in town. And please inbox me if you are in need of guidance in this lifestyle, want to know how to dance around naked bodies on a dancefloor or if you need explanation on some technicalities mentioned in this blog. 

Cheers y’all!