The Kinkiest Bed in Town

Did you know that when travelling through South Africa you can find yourself different beds? No really? Yes!!

That outdoor one from where you can see the stars, the one that caresses your naked body at one of the nudist resorts and that fluffy one, warm enough for winter while on safari.

The Hottest and Kinkiest bed however you can find in Cape Town, in Hout Bay to be precise, at a beautiful club called Epicure Club. This bed is kinky because you might not be the only one occupying it. Several naked bodies might actually join you…

House party

I was delighted to go to Epicure Club again last weekend, for their Single Party. And although there were some singles, a few couples also joined. And wow, what an amazing night! I think the strength of Epicure Club lies in the fact that it is a small venue, it’s intimate and cozy. It almost feels like a party at home, but with all the facilities you would want for a real party; a bar, a DJ playing and an amazing vibe! Everyone knows each other and exchanging life stories and bra size is just part of the experience.

I had to pinch myself while being treated to a demonstration of a beautiful couple who showed some light BDSM moves. With the DJ playing and the backdrop of Cape Town through the big window, I almost felt like being in a movie. Tom “Eyes Wide Shut” Cruise; eat your heart out!

Different themes

I feel lucky enough that this was not my first time as I have experienced some parties at Epicure Club before. In summer their pool parties are legendary, especially when the Kinky Bed moves outside on to the immense lawn.

The last pool party I attended was a proper comeback of the Woodstock Festival era. It was liberating, to say the least, with naked bodies all over, people kissing and just letting go… playing was the top priority that day!

The Club

Epicure Club has a proper pool, a cozy fire place and five rooms to play in. The security is top notch. The rooms will be offered to play in until a certain time. After that point of time the room will be serviced and offered to the guests that booked and paid for it. So, if you want to stay over and just use the Kinky Bed as a thing to sleep on, you actually can.

If a naughty experience is on your bucket list, this is the place to go to!

Feel free to contact the club if you have any special requests for parties, for couple massages, threesomes or any other wild fantasies that can be exercised on the Kinky Bed. They are always ready and happy to assist! Phone: +27 (0)74 878 0000 or