The Sexiness of an African Safari

It’s a new year, a better year! According to Astrologists we are going to see a shift to a more friendly world soon. More friendly, more natural, more at peace. We homo sapiens should appreciate this beautiful world just a bit more, in my humble opinion. So, just the more reason to get your sexy ass to Africa as soon as possible; this wilderness is waiting for you! And I can tell you just how sexy an African safari really is.

Your senses

Every time I climb on that safari vehicle I know I am in for a treat. Besides the fact that I don’t mind staring at a handsome ranger sitting behind the steering wheel, I mostly try to breathe in the fresh air, feel the warmth of the African Sun on my skin and absorb the silence that is really present! And thank God that I finally have an excuse to leave my phone (and daily distractions) behind. Let all your real senses guide you, rather than your social media feed and just simply enjoy that awesome, mind blowing African wilderness!


And while you soak up all the Africanness that comes for you, it is time to relax that stressed body of yours. Yes, wiggle those toes, move your head, flex your neck. And when the car starts moving, hold on tight, utterly and intensely moving your body to the rhythm of the vehicle.

When you suddenly come across one or even more of the Majestic Big 5, your heart will start beating faster, loosening your too tight chest. Finally feeling alive again…

Stripping down

Stripping down or dressing up; both very common activities while on a safari. Clothes are your best friend, or not. The African wilderness can be hot hot hot, or freaking cold. Anyhow, dress to the occasion and show how well you are with unbuttoning and unzipping fabric.

Just a friendly reminder; I am a travel agent, a different one… 🙂 happy to book you a sexy safari, a wild night out in town or a cozy and intimate beach getaway. Love to hear from you: